Here are samples of my Java programming. Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.


My Java Course Lessons and Projects

Hello World Project [Github]

  • Hello World Project: [Github]
  • Defining the Main Method: [Github]
  • Hello World Challenge: [Github]
  • Variables: [Github]
  • Starting out with Expressions: [Github]

ByteShortIntLong [Github]

  • Primitive Types [Github]
  • Byte, Short, Long, and Width [Github]
  • Casting in Java [Github]
  • Primitive Types Challenge [Github]

FloatAndDouble [GitHub]

  • Float and double Primitive Types [GitHub]

Char and Boolean Primitive Types [GitHub]

Primitive Type Recap and Strings [GitHub]

Operators, Operands, and Expressions [GitHub]

  • Abbreviating Operators [GitHub]
  • if-then Statement [GitHub]
  • Logical and Operator [Github]
  • Logical OR Operator [Github]
  • Assignment Operator VS Equals to Operator [GitHub]
  • Ternary Operator [GitHub]

Expressions, Statements, Code Blocks, Methods, and more

  • Keywords and Expressions [GitHub]
  • Statements, Whitespace, and Indentation [GitHub]
  • Code Blocks and the If Then Else Control Statements [GitHub]
  • If Then Else Recap [GitHub]
  • Methods in Java [GitHub]
  • More on Methods and Challenge [GitHub]
  • Method Challenge – Final Code Challenge [GitHub]
  • DiffMerge Tool