About Don Svederus

About Don Svederus 

Don Svederus started his computer journey in 1984 when he received his first computer for his birthday, a Commodore 16.   It was a 16 bit computer, unfortunately after writing a couple pages of code, the memory ran out, and there was no way to upgrade.  Years later I was able to convince my parents to upgrade my computer to a commodore 64.  The commodore 64 in those days was a game changer, literally.  For those that owned one, you know what I mean.  Unfortunately, the commodore days came to an end, in the 90s.

After graduating from high-school  with ok grades.  Don went to college at Devry Institute in Phoenix Arizona, to learn engineering.   Sadly after a year, the expenses of going to college forced him out.

In 1991 Don started his career in the Navy in BUDS(Basic Underwater Demolition Scool).  After a leg injury during training, Don transfered on to the US Kitty Hawk where he worked as an Operation Specialist, working in a combat tactical room.  Don deployed to the middle east, and served during desert storm.  Interestingly Don had access to a personal computer, where he worked and learned on while on his off time.   After almost 4 years of service, Don was ready to move on to a new career.

 In 1993 Don went to work at Micron building memory chips for computers.  Don enjoyed working on scanning electron microscopes while learning every step of the semiconductor process and learning failure analysis.  Don took over 300 class hours at work to become an engineer,  but due to  political issues, Micron would only accept a college degree to advance in engineering.

In 2000 Don attended ITT Technical Institute.  Don spent the next 3 years working full-time and going to college full-time with little sleep.  In 2003 Don graduated with an associates degree in applied science with highest honors.  Unfortunately college took a heavy toll at work, and the fatigue was unacceptable. Micron gave me a choice, quit college or quit Micron. Since I only had a few more months left in college, I chose to finish my degree.  It was a difficult decision to leave a job I been doing for a decade, but I was young and felt that I could recover.

 In 2003 Don went to work in the internet marketing industry for Sharpnet Solutions.  In those days, many companies were evolving like Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.  Sharpnet did a lot of email marketing, and in 2007 the market became to  competitive, making it unprofitable and everyone in the company was eventually laid off.

 In 2007 I moved to Chicago and worked in the Metallurgy failure analysis industry.  Using a scanning electron microscope, would analyze failures at microscopic level.  I also started a freelance web design  job on the side as a hobby.  I was asked by my engineering team to help build the ASM Chicago website, and help maintain it.  Today I no longer maintain the site, but I think it was good  introduction  and it taught me a lot about the web industry.  During my time in Illinois I  took on other projects and focused my skills on building WordPress sites, which I think is the best CMS system.





In 2007 Don moved to Chicago and worked