About Don Svederus 

Don Svederus lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his lovely wife Nimfa. He currently works full time in the web marketing industry at Sharpnet Solutions, where he manages projects in Web Development, Design, Hosting, Emails, SEO and anything web-related. With over ten years of experience in Website and SEO, he is a highly valuable player in bringing websites to their full potential using WordPress, WooCommerce, Divi, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and many other apps and CMS systems.

Don also works as a freelance web developer and digital artist for his company Remix Web Design during his off time. His freelance work includes web design, hosting, photoshopping, cybersecurity and any web-related services.

Don has taken hundreds of hours on UDEMY of various classes to increase his skills and knowledge. He enjoys creating digital concept art in Photoshop and developing indie games with Unity and C# or Godot and Python when time permits. On his spare time away from the computer, Don enjoys the outdoors going fishing, hiking, camping, photography and going out with family and friends.