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Don Svederus

Professional Web Designer and Developer. My goals are to build successful websites for my clients and to provide outstanding web services.

My name is Don Svederus, and I am a freelance professional web designer and developer.  I make a living building and maintaining websites for small and large businesses.  Also, I work as a search engine marketer for one of the top SEO firms in America, Sharpnet Solutions.   

I started my career in 2003 after I graduated from ITT Technical Institute.  During my time in college and at work, I found that building websites to be more exciting and a powerful way to showcase a companies abilities.  So, I gave up my engineering job in 2014 to go full time into web design and development.

In 2015 I partnered up with Chris Sharp and officially launched a web design and hosting company called Remix Web Design to help provide professional web design development services for small and large businesses around the globe.

What I Do

  • Web Design 100%
  • Web Development 90%
  • Website Security 80%
  • Web Hosting 60%
  • Internet Marketing 50%
  • Client Happiness 100%