Web Designer // Web Developer // Digital Artist // Programmer

Full-Stack Developer

Hi, my name is Don. I am a freelance web designer and developer with 10+ years of experience in all web development cycles, including front-end and back-end development. I enjoy building dynamic websites and working with people who share the same interests and goals with a passion for building and creating anything.

Don Svederus Web Designer & Developer

What I Can Do For You

Web Design

I have a deep passion in producing new web designs using JS, CSS, Photoshop and many other different cutting edge tools to breathe life into a site. I’m committed to delivering high-quality web designs with my knowledge of web standards and best practices.

Web Development

I have a strong background in coding and troubleshooting. I can deliver an eCommerce site with whatever needs, using the latest technology solution and software. With WordPress, PHP, JS, React and many other high-end tools, I can produce excellent results.

SEO Optimization

SEO(search engine optimization) is one of my great strengths. I can help optimize a website to appear in the top search results for Google, Bing and many search engines. With analytics, I can monitor the competition and provide strategies that meet the clients needs.

Web Security

Security is often an overlooked process in the web industry. I take security seriously.  From the beginning of development to the launch of a site, I got your back.  I use the best security packages to keep websites secure from hackers, and if a site is compromised, I know how to clean it up. 

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one of my favorite skills.  I enjoy creating graphics designs for marketing, infographics, web pages and anything that requires an eye for design.  My favorite tools to use is Photoshop and Illustrator.  With Adobe Creative Suite, I can create just about anything.

Technical Support

I can help troubleshoot most servers, websites or email issues quickly.  In the online world, there are many things to know and a lot of rooms for errors.  Since I wear many hats, I see many types of problems and failures.  My motto is, there is a solution to almost every situation. 

Development Knowledge

I’ve been developing websites for many years, and I’m always running across various coding languages to learn. As a Full-Stack Developer, these are the programming or CMS systems I use the most. These are the coding languages I know, and the bar represents the level of knowledge I have in them.

Anybody can become a programmer. From what I have learned, being a coder, it takes many years to master just one. It’s impossible to know it all. My knowledge in one program may exceed another, and it depends on what I’m doing at the moment. But as long as you know the fundamentals and where to find the answers.

“To err is human.”



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • PHP
  • SASS
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails

Design Knowledge

I enjoy developing new designs and creating art. Art has come a long way from the traditional methods. From art brushes to digital tablets, it’s incredible what designers can produce nowadays. Here are my favorite skills for building unique designs and my skill levels. The bars are based on my skill level and may vary from what other people think, whether lesser or more significant. I have a strong background in coding and troubleshooting.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Web Design
  • Landing Page
  • Web Animation
  • Color Theory
  • Concept
  • Traditional Artist

Digital Marketing Skills

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing

CMS Systems

  • WordPress
  • Divi (Elegant Themes)
  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • Joomla

Host Server Skills

  • Hosting and Server Management
  • DNS and Domain Management
  • Email Hosting Management
  • WHM and Cpanel Management
  • Ubuntu Servers
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Game Engines

  • Unity
  • Unity (Bolt)
  • Godot

3D Modeling and Rendering

  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Blender