Why Build in WordPress

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So you’re interested in Web Design but not sure what CMS (content management system) to use. There are so many CMS systems in the market right now that it can be mind-blowing trying to choose which one to run with for your site. Selecting the best CMS system can make or break your business. With over ten years in the web development business as a freelancer and working full time for a digital marketing company, I can tell you what works best for me. Maybe it will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of becoming a web designer.

WordPress Introduction

Before WordPress came out, I thought Joomla would be the dominant CMS system. If you have ever worked in Joomla, you know how clunky things are with it, things were just all over the place, and the updates did not come fast enough. But then WordPress came out. At first, it was just a blogging CMS system. But when I first installed WordPress in 5 minutes and set up a few pages. I immediately saw the potential, and I think the whole world did too. From then on, I converted all my sites to WordPress. It was much easier to learn, and I could build websites on the fly.

WordPress Pros

WordPress has many features over its rivals. Here is a list of cons.

  • The install package alone has everything you need to build a perfect site.
  • So many Themes to choose from, plenty of designs to build from, and make it your own.
  • Some Themes like Divi and Elementor make building sites super easy and allow for more advanced coding.
  • There are so many plugins if you look for a specific feature. Chances are somebodies built it already.
  • Super fast to install, I can bring up a site in less than a few minutes, but typically 5 to 10 minutes is all you need.
  • The best part of WordPress is that it is FREE. Most of the plugins and themes are FREE also.
  • SEO is straightforward, thanks to plugins like Yoast and All-in-One SEO. These are free too!
  • With WordPress dominating a considerable part of the market, it is easy to find online resources and skilled web designers for hire.

WordPress Cons

WordPress, although free, does come with some issues. Nothing is perfect.

  • If you don’t secure your website, you risk a high chance of getting hacked. Getting hacked is no fun.
  • If you use too many plugins, this will eat up server resources and either slow or lock up your website.
  • A little bit of a learning curve compared to some other drop-and-drag website builders.
  • WordPress does not come with built-in security or backup. You got to find third-party plugins for this. (It’s not an issue)
  • Some of the more advanced plugins and themes may require purchasing a license. (Support your developers!)