My Projects

Here is a list of most of the coding projects I’m working on that I can show online. Most of these codes are from the training and project lessons I have learned online. If you find any of them useful, feel free to use the source code if it helps you.

My programming interests are in building apps, games, and websites. I enjoy building helpful and fun apps, and I also like making apps similar to real-world applications today, like search engines, social media apps, and games.

In principle, most programming languages are similar, so I have no favorite programming language. I will use whatever programming language the situation requires, like picking a tool from a toolbox for the right kind of job.  So you will see many of the codes below from a variety of languages.

My GitHub Profile

Clone Projects

  • semBUZ: [GitHub] Google Search Engine Clone
  • Coming Soon:  Twitter Clone
  • Coming Soon: Facebook Clone
  • Comming Soon: WordPress CMS Clone

Real-World App Projects

  • Email Administration Application [GitHub]

Game Projects

  • Delivery Dude [GitHub]  (Unity) A 2D delivery driving game.
  • Pig Game [GitHub] (JavaScript) dice game, first one to 100 wins, don’t roll a one.
  • Number Wizard UI [GitHub]  (Unity) Guess my number game
  • Block Breaker [GitHub] (Unity) Classic Block Breaker Game
  • Galaxy Defender [GitHub] (Unity) Classic Galaga type of Game.
  • Loony Lips [GitHub] (Godot) Text based game in Python on Godot.
  • RandomDungeonGenerator [GitHub] (Unity) A roguelike type random dungeon creator filled with loot and monsters
  • D-Gunns [GitHub] (Unity) A roguelike dungeon crawler and shooter
  • RPGproject [GitHub] (Unity) Isometric overview of a classic Diablo type of game.
  • Hoppy Days [GitHub] (Godot) Side Scroller rabbit hopping game.

WordPress Plugin Projects

  • Facebook Footer Link [GitHub] Adds a facebook profile link to the end of a blog.
  • MySEOplugin [GitHub] Simple SEO plugin

Small Projects HTML, CSS, and JS

    • QuoteGenerator [GitHub] Dislays random quotes.
    • Infity Scroll [GitHub] Inifinete scroll through images from
    • Picture in Picture [GitHub]
    • Joke Teller [GitHub]
    • Light & Dark Mode [GitHub]
    • Animated Template [GitHub]
    • Navigation Nation [GitHub]
    • Music Player [GitHub]
    • Custom Coundown [GitHub]
    • Book Keeper [GitHub]
    • Video Player [GitHub]
    • Form Validator [GitHub]
    • Spock Rock Game [GitHub]
    • NASA APOD [GitHub]
    • Math Sprint Game [GitHub]
    • Drag n’ Drop [GitHub]
    • Calculator [GitHub]
    • Splash Page [GitHub]
    • Paint Clone [GitHub]
    • Pong [GitHub]