Intro to Ruby on Rails Programming Language and Framework

by | Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a highly-respected language in the tech industry. It can be easier to learn than other programming languages, which may require a lot of theory before you even start writing your first line. It’s also a framework and programming language accessible for people with different skills and experiences.

Ruby on Rails, or the Ruby language and Rails framework, provides a complete set for application development tools. The heavy work of developing web applications allows the programmer to build highly engageable apps. Ruby programmers are often pleased with the language, syntax, and related suites of tools.

Ruby on Rails is designed to speed up your building process so that you can see the results of all your hard work. It is also highly in demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

As a programmer with experience in different languages, I often get asked: “Should you learn Ruby on Rails?” Follow me on my series of blogs on Ruby on Rails as I dive deeper into the history, programming language, and framework to answer your questions.

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